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0.3.1 (build 100)

Archer Mod APK is the updated game that is to provide an extensive user amount of HP, unlimited Diamonds, unlimited money, and the option of unlocking other exciting features. The Archer MOD APK knew Khushi has many features, including killing opponents in a single shot, winning unlimited diamonds, and unlocking features to upgrade the game.
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0.3.1 (build 100)
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Archer Mod APK is the updated game that is to provide an extensive user amount of HP, unlimited Diamonds, unlimited money, and the option of unlocking other exciting features. The Archer MOD APK v 1.0.12 knew Khushi has many features, including killing opponents in a single shot, winning unlimited diamonds, and unlocking features to upgrade the game.

Exciting Features of Archero MOD APK:

In Archer mod, APK OBB user fights with the enemy till the end of the game as he plays the role of an only Archer in his play. For this purpose, the user makes strategies by exclusive features of the game. The exciting features of these games are;

  • User wins unlimited diamonds even if he fails in accomplishing the mission.
  • To upgrade your Archer MOD APV 1 2 6 unlimited money, this version gives you unlimited money.
  • Get heavy weapons for free.
  • Unlock unique features to attack your enemy.
  • There are guiding maps for users for easy play.
  • It has high resolution and great graphics that will thrill the user.
  • A God mode can kill your enemy to meet your damages(Immortal mode).
  • It is easy to play, with an easy mode option.
  • Unlock different features and strategies to enjoy the game.

How to Download Archer Mod APK:

Downloading and installing this updated version is an easy task. Here is the procedure to download this game.

  • The very first step to download this exciting version is Clicking the Download Page option. You will be asked to download Archer Mod APK unlimited money and gems 1
  • The next step is to opt for the downloading option. Archer MOD APK unlimited gems 2020 will start downloading immediately.
  • Open your downloaded game in the file manager and install your game.
  • The user can be asked for permission if he is downloading it for the first time. For the new users, switch on the allow option and reopen the game to install it.


Habby Publishers release it, and the most recent version is Archero Mod Apk v2.10.1, which is now available on the market (Unlimited Money)


The game is only 159M in size, which is extremely small.


When it comes to compatibility, Archero APK is compatible with all Android 5.0 and higher devices.

Why Should You Try Archer, a Brutal Fighting Game?

The game’s primary narrative is that you are the best Archer in the country, hence the archers. Dark forces innumerable in number are attacking the kingdom. You are the only one in your kingdom who must use his bow to defend it.

At various stages, you will be confronted with several varieties of enemies. As a result, you must remain vigilant because they could pounce on you at any time. There are also some highly magnetic traps throughout the game. Electric traps, for example, are present throughout the game and must be avoided. The damage levels of these traps are severe, ranging from stunning to permanent.

v2.10.1 Archero Mod Apk:

  • A wide range of monsters, varying degrees of damage, and much more!
  • There are hundreds of different Monsters that can fire lasers, arrows, or bullets, so you must always be on the lookout for them.
  • Each level is located in a different location:

Aside from that, each level is located in a different country. As a result, the game’s background scene never gets old because each stage introduces a new land. However, if the lands are too challenging to reach, you must return to the previous level to strengthen yourself before attempting to enter these regions.

There’s No Need to Hurry After Coins or Cash:

Also, one aspect of this game that you will enjoy is that it is not solely about choosing coins. It’s all about Killing the Monsters, and the game’s makers have added a new twist to the game. All you have to do is concentrate on killing the monsters, and all of the coins and money will be yours once the creature is killed.

There Are a Plethora of Weapons and Talents to Choose From:

You can buy imprisoned in weaponry and update your overall protection system with the money you earned during your Monster hunt. When it comes to the game’s skills system, it’s incredibly outstanding. The game characters have a wide range of abilities to pick from.

Pets to Make Your Game Time More Enjoyable:

And don’t forget about the game’s pet: pets! They are your trusty ally and comrade on the battlefield, assisting you in attacking your foes and considerably increasing your damage output.

Excellent Graphics and Imaging:

When it comes to outstanding graphics, there is simply nothing to criticize. Archer offers vibrant 3D graphics with brilliant colors and stunning pictures that make you feel like you’re playing a high-quality game. There are many distinct characters, and the details are fantastic.

The Top-down View Makes Monsters Simpler to Spot:

Furthermore, the top-down view demonstrates that you can keep an eye on the full frame of reference while attempting to perform the monster assault. Also, each state represents a new area, and this approach provides a wealth of information and opportunities to explore the new territory.

Archer Mod Apk V2.10.1 (Unlimited Money) Has the Following Features:

Although Archer is a fantastic game in and of itself, it may be challenging at times. What aspects make the game a little easier to play while still providing you lots of chances to show off your abilities?

Among the Mod’s Characteristics Are:

  1. You can use the mode option to boost the amount of damage dealt per attack.
  2. You can also improve your attack speed and range when attacking Monsters.
  3. There’s also a God Mode that gives you invincibility. It implies you won’t die no matter how many monsters hit you, but you won’t be able to activate this mode until stage 2.
  4. Finally, as previously stated, the damage in the modded version can reach 65k damage in a single shot.

Heroes of the Archer!

Enter a universe where your very existence is on the verge of destruction! You are the Lone Archer, the only force capable of fending off the onslaught of evil.

Step up, build up your arsenal of great talents, and battle like your life depends on it because the never-ending waves of foes will never let you down.

Enjoy putting together countless combinations of one-of-a-kind abilities, all aimed at assisting you in surviving. Crawl your way through several realms, dodging enemies and obstacles.

In this action game, you’ll be thrust into a world where existence itself is attempting to murder you. You’ll be the only Archer here, fighting monsters and demons by yourself. You must develop an infinite number of unique skills to stand a chance against these creatures if you are to survive.

Unlimited Money/Gems in Archer Mod Apk

The unique aspect of this mod is that you will have unlimited access to great features such as endless gems and money. In the simple apk, you must collect these gems and money, but here you will have infinite money and jewels. You may now unlock any of your favorite characters as well as improve your abilities and weapons.

Archer’s gameplay is identical to any other action game in which you must compete against your opponents on the battlefield. Essentially, it’s a shooting game in which you must battle demons and defeat their wicked wishes. Each subsequent mission becomes more complex, and you must overcome more significant obstacles.

Potent weaponry will require to defeat these monsters and horrors. However, the game’s mod version gives you infinite money and gems, allowing you to improve your weapons and easily beat the boss.

Heroic Archer:

In Archer, you play as one of the kingdom’s most excellent archers tasked with combating the dark powers. You’re the only companion with a bow, and you’re up against an endless amount of foes. Your adversaries will not stop until they have killed you.

Several Obstacles:

You’ve defeated the majority of monster classes with various powers at each stage. These monsters can appear from any direction, including your rear, right, and the entrance to the room you are standing.

You’ll also have to navigate several traps and obstacles. Stone can launch a lot of fireballs and move electric traps in this game. These straps can injure you and possibly knock you out for a few seconds.

Its Mod version enhances your damage per attack to assist you in completing daily duties more swiftly. In addition, your strike range and attack speed expand. Users can keep engaged in this game without becoming bored by delivering fresh demanding challenges daily.

Hundreds of Thousands of Monsters:

When playing the Archer, it’s crucial to classify the monsters. They can attack from a long distance and fire lasers. So, you must be able to attack from a safe distance and move quickly enough to dodge gunshots.

You must complete each step on the land that corresponds to it. So, you can, however, pass through the door and proceed to Newlands once you’ve completed the assignment. If the nearby regions are too tricky, you can return and play the previous stages. Because you don’t have to move or pick every coin in this game, you can concentrate on combating creatures. When you’ve defeated all of the Monsters, the money that falls off will fall into your pocket automatically.

Skills And Weapons:

With the money you earn from killing monsters, you can buy weapons and improve your skills. Archer has a unique skill system, with a wide range of distinct talents and effects to choose from. Similarly, you can select a skill that is appropriate for your character and weaponry. We can’t forget about your dogs, who are your sole reliable allies on the battlefield.

Stunning Photograph:

The graphics in Archer are incredible. Its beautiful 3D visuals and vibrant colors allow you to play games for long periods without being exhausted. Thousands of Masters and dozens of characters are designed in an attractive, humorous manner.

Its top-down approach allows you to keep an eye on the entire game while also allowing you to move around to evade monster attacks. Each task will present you with a new setting and a new map to explore.

High Intensity:

This game’s hacked version has more damage, i.e., 65k damage in a single shot. More significant damage aids in the destruction of these monsters, allowing you to conquer the stage faster.

Modified by God:

You will enter the Immortal condition in God mode, where you will not die no matter how long the monster attacks you. You must complete the second step to activate God mode.

We’ve covered everything there is to know about Archer Mod APK in this article. So, if you learned something from this article, don’t forget to share it on social media. The archery Mod apk is constantly updated, so bookmark our website, so you don’t run into any issues while downloading this game.

Heroic Archer:

In Archer, you play as a top archer for a kingdom tasked with combating dark powers. Things aren’t easy since there are so many of them, and you’re alone with only the bow for company. They won’t stop till you’re dead. To fight till the last arrow and become the world’s hero.

Furthermore, it would be difficult to leave out pets, as they are your most trusted allies on the battlefield. They can attack foes, heal you, and improve your damage.

Stunning Image:

Archer’s graphics are outstanding, not simply in terms of playability. Beautiful 3D visuals and vibrant colors allow you to play games for several hours without becoming bored. There are dozens of people and thousands of creatures to choose from, all done in a cute, hilarious chibi manner.

You can see the entire game and move to evade monster assaults thanks to the top-down view. Each stage relates to a different setting, with new maps to discover. This game has a lot of exciting things in store for you.

Even though it is not a new game, Archer still has many complex tasks in store for you. If you’re looking for a challenge or a fun way to pass the time, this is still a great option.


Question 1: Is it safe to use the customized version of Archer?

It is a question that practically every Mod APK user has. But don’t worry; this game is highly safe to download, and it will not harm your device.

Question 2: Where can I get the most recent Archero mod?

Answer: We have provided a direct link to get the most recent version of Archer mod on our page.

Question 3: Is Archero Mod legal to use?

Yes, of course! It is legal, and the mod version is available for free download.

 Finally, Some Thoughts:

 So, that was all there was to Archero MOD APK. An arrow shooting game that will have you hooked right away. The game’s variety of characters, monsters, skills, and backgrounds is a big draw.

What's new

This game is very similar to Archer

Gameplay requires concentration 24/24

An archer must always collect items and learn skills