Dragon City MOD APK Free [December-2022] Latest version

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Dragon City MOD APK is an accessible and updated application version created to amuse you from Dragon City. This game has dragons’ confrontations online in the wake of earning money in 3 forms, gems, cash, and Gold. For this purpose, the user has to install Dragon City MOD on APK OBB game data. The best thing about this application is its security that helps gadgets working smoothly in large configurations, too, without any restriction.

 How to Download and Install Dragon City Mod Apk

This game was designed in 2012 by Mediafire that was outdated for 2020 & 2021 android phones. From 2020 people are getting stuck trying its new 2021 version. So, don’t worry! There are launched updated versions of Dragon City MOD 2020 & 2021 for your new android phones, the 12.2.0 version. The Dragon City mod APK 2020 and 2021 have everything in it that a gamer loves.

Characteristics of MOD APK

Unlimited Money & Gems

The reason for the popularity of Dragon city MOD APK 2021, 2020 is earning unlimited money and unlimited gems for free. By unlocking its unique features, you can get everything from the Dragon City mod APK.

It’s a customized version of a unique game that runs on a Dragon City personal server. The game is intended to excite players by imposing uplifting exclusive boundaries set by the developer’s team. Discover the game’s unlimited features and play it for free.

Dragon City hack APK has gained popularity among major online gaming communities and the general gaming community. The most common reason that Dragon City hacked apk players choose this. Because they can easily have unrestricted access to resources such as diamonds and Gold without spending any money, gamers can experiment with new offensive techniques and other features.

So many changes have been made to optimize your enjoyment and make your gameplay easier. You will give one Baby Dragon, which you must care for. Give the baby dragon the training he needs to grow into a mighty behemoth. Later on, you’ll be able to compete against other 80M+ players to become a dragon master.

As previously stated, this Dragon City Mod is jam-packed with helpful features. It will help you fight other dragon masters more effectively. If you’re still unsure about using Dragon City Hack, the functions listed below will certainly assist you. This mod version will assist you in creating the world of your dreams.

Gold indefinitely

One of the essential features of this Mod Apk is the ability to gain infinite Gold. This Gold might be used to purchase various assets from the store. Golds, as we all know, are essential in the construction of a fantastic Dragon City. Because the aspect you require the most is infinite Gold, one of the most crucial characteristics of this Dragon City Mod is unlimited Gold. And by using this mod, you can acquire endless Gold Dragon City. This Gold can use to buy a variety of items.

Health is limitless.

It’s critical to look after your Dragon’s health when you’re on PvP grounds. As your Dragon’s health improves, you’ll be able to compete and win battles, propelling you to the top of the dragon master rankings. As a result, increasing your Dragon’s health to infinity will allow you to compete with the opponent dragon without fear.

Unrestricted Gems

Gems are also incredibly significant in the Dragon City game, and they find in the same place as Gold. Between battles, gems are using to examine your dragons.

The difficulty of the Dragon City game grows as you gain experience and levels. After completing some of the game’s levels, you’ll please to discover that some options and tools will appear automatically.

Combat is the only method to raise your level and expand your Dragon territory. There will also be a scarcity of materials such as gems, meals, Gold, and orbs. The Dragon City Unlimited Everything mod is the answer to this problem. You will be able to manage a limitless amount of resources if you choose this option.

The game is the most fantastic aspect of this mod:

You can obtain limitless amounts of all materials, such as Food, Gold, Gems, and Orbs. Because you will have to fight and struggle a lot in the Dragon City Game to obtain Gold, Gems, and Orbs to extend your Dragon domain. It becomes difficult. However, you can obtain the entire thing for free and in any quality, you want right here.

Food Isn’t Limited

You’ll need a lot of food to feed your adorable little dragons. Dragon City APK does not require you to worry about fundamental needs such as food, unlike other games. You’ll relieve to learn that you’ll able to feed your dragons an endless amount of food.

All Dragons are easily accessible.

Another unique element of Dragon City Game is using any dragon in combat to suit your needs. You can approach these dragons with your hard work, perseverance, and bravery.

In this post, we’ve already said that Dragon City APK has over 80 million regular players, with a large percentage of them being professional players. If you want to be the finest Dragon Master, you’ll have to enter the battle and use your unique and robust Dragon to defeat other players.

It’s natural to be puzzled about the gameplay regulations and attack and defense when you first install the Dragon City Mod APK on your device if you’re new to the game. But we’re here for you; stay tuned and read all of our blogs to learn about the gaming regulations; we’ve broken down each step for our customers to grasp.

Select a mighty dragon capable of launching any form of attack. It will make your battles with other players much more accessible. On the other hand, you can assault your opponents by selecting an attack from the available game options. We recommend that if you are new to the battleground, you do not attempt to challenge a player that has previous PVP battle experience.

We can presume that you intend to download the game to play the thrilling game Dragon city at this point in the post. So, we are grateful for your interest. Let us reassure you before we begin the download. That downloading any program from our site is painless, and that our team thoroughly tests all software for compatibility with various devices.

Step 1: 

First and foremost, select “Download” from the menu above. The download will begin in a few seconds and take as long as your Internet connection allows. We’ve attached a screenshot for your convenience; if you have any problems with the procedure, please refer to it if necessary.

Step 2:

I hope the download was successful. Let’s get it installed on your smartphone. To do so, open your Android file manager and locate the DragonCityMod.apk file.

Step 3;

If this is the first time you’ve installed software on your device, you’ll need to ask the program manager for permission. To do so, go to settings and enable the option to allow from this source.

Step 4: 

Would you please return to the installation and finish it? I’m hoping everything goes well.

Step 5: 

It’s now time to enjoy this fantastic game after a successful installation. We hope you have finally installed the latest version of Dragon City Mod APK on your device. With this mod apk, you may generate as many gems and gold as you want and win every battle.

The APK is a fantastic program for increasing your playtime engagement while also conserving your time. We have done our best to provide expert tips so that you can quickly grasp the game.

You can unlock your legendary dragon Eighter from the store or breed it via the breeding system. If you buy the Dragon from the shop, you may have to pay many gems to unlock it.

However, you must choose two effective dragons from different categories and breed them in the breading system. Each powerful Dragon’s ability will combine in the new Dragon. So, you have two days and six hours to wait for your legendary dragon egg to hatch. Despite all of our safeguards, some of you may have noticed our modest plea that you report any such issue to us so that we can correct it for your benefit.

Latest Version of Dragon City Mod Apk 10.5.2 (Unlimited Everything / Money / Gems)

The Dragon City mod apk allows you infinite everything, including gems and money, allowing you to cheat your way to victory! If you enjoy playing Dragon City, you may require all of these items to develop a dragon and win fully! The original game, created by Social Point and available on Google Play, is art. However, for the reasons outlined on this page, you may require a mod.

On your Android device, a newer version gets installed with each update. As a result, it’s critical to download the correct mod anytime you’re looking for one.

For Android, download Dragon City Mod Apk.


Every gamer who wants to delve deep and expand their dragon collection needs the Dragon City mod. You can quickly become the world’s best dragon master with this.


Finally, in-app purchases are available in the original game, although not everyone can afford them.